About Us

Steve Stinson is licensed as a professional land surveyor in Florida and Alabama. He is a founding partner in Meridian Surveying and Mapping and has served as President of the firm since its creation in 2008. While starting a new company in the middle of an economic recession was not an easy task, Meridian Surveying and Mapping Inc. has managed not merely to survive, but to grow and thrive by providing clients with close personal attention to their projects, on time deliveries and accurate surveys.

Mr. Stinson has a strong background in FDOT surveying, large-scale boundary / topo surveys, roadway design surveys, platting, and sectional boundaries. He has been surveying in Florida for over 30 years, and in the Tallahassee area for the past 22 years. He will make sure that your project receives the attention and priority it deserves.

Meridian Surveying and Mapping Service offerings

  • Gps Survey
  • As-built Survey
  • ALTA Survey
  • Wetland Survey
  • Residential, commercial and subdivision layouts

Mr. Steven W. Stinson

President – Meridian Surveying and Mapping


Eric Wills is the Vice President and one of the founding partners of Meridian Surveying and Mapping Inc. He has been instrumental in the growth of the firm since it’s founding in 2008.

Mr. Wills has been surveying in the North Florida area for 20 years. He specializes in providing construction layout services and asbuilt surveys to Meridian Surveying and Mapping Inc.’s construction clients. From small sites to shopping centers, hospitals and industrial plants, Mr. Wills makes sure our clients receive timely stake out services to keep each project on schedule.

In addition, Mr. Wills calculates each stake out file for the field crew on a daily basis, making sure to keep record of each point location and grade. If inconsistencies in the design plans are noticed, he will coordinate directly with your Project Engineer or inspector to resolve the issues. As-Built Surveys are completed in a timely manner at the end of each construction project and sent to the Project Engineer for review.

Mr. Eric Willis

Vice-President – Meridian Surveying and Mapping


Florida Professional


Alabama Professional